Special Services
Teach on location!

Special dive services in Cabo San Lucas

The facilities at Nautilus Dive Tech are available to outside instructors who are interested in completing training programs here in Cabo San Lucas. The region is ideal for tech diving, rebreather certifications, as well as basic recreational scuba courses. Facilities rental may include classroom, pool, and boat services. Nautilus Dive Tech can also provide equipment rentals, and rebreather essentials. If a group’s specific logistics require shipping excessive baggage, we can handle freight forwarding services with from our broker in Southern California.

Private Services

Instruction - Clients who wish to have private scuba instruction may contact the Nautilus staff to arrange the details. Team Nautilus can arrange for private sessions at the dive center or at a personal residence/hotel. Prices are based on specific logistics and the number of students. Student records are confidential.

Guiding - Clients who prefer highly personalized service have the option to rent the NDT boat(s) for their diving activities, or they may choose to invite our staff of diving professionals onto a 3rd party vessel. Nautilus Dive Tech can supply all the required infrastructure for this type of secure service. Prices are based on specific logistics and the number of divers. Client records are confidential.

Under Water Weddings

Are you thinking of getting married or are you considering a vow renewal? Come to Cabo San Lucas and have the most amazing wedding under the sea. Divers and non-divers are both welcome to join in the ceremony. Please visit our landing page for more information. Watch our Underwater Wedding Video here!

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Video Services

Student divers at all levels of training can benefit from self-evaluation. During Nautilus Dive Tech training courses instructors offer constructive criticism as well as tips on how to improve techniques, configurations, and body postures. If student divers are able to observe themselves on video, the instructor’s tips make more sense and become easier to incorporate. NDT management does not allow their instructors to take video while conducting training programs. The instructor’s primary responsibility is the safety and instruction of the student(s). If student divers feel they can benefit from this service, Nautilus Dive Tech can provide an additional staff member to record the class session. The price for the raw footage is $50.00/ session. The focus of the content will be the performance of the student diver.

Video Scrap Book

In the world of Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs, who doesn’t want to have a photo or video collection of their underwater activities. The staff at NDT loves to capture your experiences on film (well not really film?). We are working on new video projects all the time, and we would like you to be part of our media scrap book. We exist in a “share” crazy world…why not enjoy it!

During guided tours, photo and video service is available at the discretion of the dive master. Their first priority is the safety and security of the group. This does not enable them to fully capture the diving experience.

The best option for capturing your diving experience is to have one of our staff tag along and focus on this task. This service can include raw media only or an edited media package.

Raw Media is $50.00 USD per two tank tour. Raw footage is transferred via CD, Flash Drive, or Media Transfer Site.

If you prefer to have the media edited with highlights of your dives, the editing fee is based on the length of the total cut. The standard cut for a two tank tour is 3-5 minutes. The charge per 3-5 minute cut is $30.00 USD. Edited versions include stabilization, color correction, transitions, and music. We require 36 hours to complete the edited product