Changes and refunds
Nautilus Dive Tech, offers unique experiences in local tours, excursions and expeditions throughout Baja California Sur. So all our tours require a reservation.
To provide you with a better service in our experiences, we limit the number of people in each of our tours.

Once the confirmation key is received, your reservation is guaranteed. To provide a quality service and maintain our commitment to all our customers, Nautilus Dive Tech operates under the following policies:
- All the modifications that are required have to be made depending on the activity.
- Local tours (Cabo San Lucas) 24 hours before.
- Excursions (East Coast BCS) 7 days before.
- Expeditions or packages throughout Baja California Sur, 30 days before.

Group changes:
Group modifications must be made at least 30 days before the excursion.
- All cancellations of local tours and / or excursions that are made before the established hours or days will have a refund less 10% of the value of the reserved experience.
- If it is canceled after the established, 100% of the value of the experience will be retained.
- Local tours (Cabo San Lucas) 48 hours before.
- Excursions (East Coast BCS) 7 days before.
- In all our expeditions, 50% of the value of the experience will be retained if the cancellation is earlier than established. If it is within 30 days, 100% of the value of the reserved experience will be retained.
- (Expeditions or packages throughout Baja California Sur, 30 days before 50%)
- Cancellations will be refunded according to the form of payment made (bank and / or app taxes).
- The refund to your debit / credit card will occur after 15 - 20 days from the request date.
- Changes to reservations or cancellations can be requested via email to or by calling +526241430067. All changes will be subject to availability.
- If you have recently had surgery or an illness that may physically limit your abilities, please mention it to our reservations staff before booking.
- Nautilus Dive Tech offers excursions that require physical mobility on the part of our clients so they must be in good health, able to understand and carry out the instructions of our staff at all times.
- If you require special needs before booking you should contact our reservations staff to explain the type of assistance you need and to ensure that we are able to provide it.
Prices and exchange rates
Our published prices are in Mexican pesos, so if you need to pay in USD on the day of the transaction, you can verify the exchange rate with your bank.

If there is any change derived from the weather or actions external to Nautilus Dive Tech, you will be notified as soon as possible and the required changes will be proposed.