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Activities in Los Cabos
The best diving experience in Baja California Sur
Basic Snorkeling Trips (2hrs)
Cabo San Lucas is a family destination. At Nautilus Dive Tech we understand that not everyone in the family is a diver and it can be difficult for families to organize activities while on vacatios.

This activity in the flora and fauna protection park of bay of Cabo san Lucas. You will be snorkeling for at least 1 hour in the famous pelican rock, you will be able to see a variety of tropical fish.

At the end of your time in the water, the boat will take you on a tour of the arch, visit the colony of sea lions and take a tour in front of the hotels in the bay.

In this you can see a great variety of tropical fish and the surprises that the sea of Cortez can give you

  • Maximum of People Per Tour: 6
  • Minimum of People: 3

Price Per Person: $ 45 usd

(Includes equipment, taxes, water and snacks on board)
Snorkeling Trips corridor 4hrs
In this experience we will take you to the tourist corridor area. It will take us 30 minutes by boat to get to the first snorkel site.

They will try to do 4 snorkeling sites (Chileno Bay, Los Gavilanes, Sant Maria and the Pelican Rock).

In this you can see a great variety of tropical fish and the surprises that the sea of cortez can give you

  • Maximum of People Per Tour: 6
  • Minimum of People: 3

Price Per Person: $ 120 usd.

(Includes taxes, equipment, boxed lunch, water and snacks.)
Discovery Scuba Diving
The Nautilus Dive Tech Discover Scuba Diving Program is an exceptional resort course opportunity.

Our program includes a video presentation that discusses the basic diving principals, a brief academic session with an Instructor to confirm the client's retention of the video material, a thorough pool training session in our 130,000 liter training pool, and two open water dives (maximum depth 40 feet / 12 meters).

The two-dive package is essential for clients to receive a full appreciation of the marine environment. After the initial dive, the instructor will review what was experienced.

This debriefing will likely make the second immersion even better. The introduction experience is the beginning of all future training.

We want to invite you to join our underwater world.

  • Maximum People Per Instructor: 2
  • Minimum of People: 1

Price Per Person: $ 190 usd

(Includes rental equipment, taxes, water and snacks on board)
Certified Diver
The Marine Reserve is located just outside the Cabo San Lucas Marina. From the marina, the travel time to these sites is approximately 10 minutes.

Most of dive sites in the marine reserve are located along the sub marine canyon. Although the canyon depths can reach more than 2000 feet.

The wall dives along the shore have a gradual slope. Each tier of the wall works for different groups of divers.

  • Maximum Certified Divers Per Guide: 4
  • Minimum Number of Divers: 2

Price Per Diver: $ 135 usd

(Price includes tanks, weights, guide, and taxes)
This experience will take us from 8 to 10 hours a day, we leave the facilities at 6 am to travel 2.5 hours driving through the beautiful landscapes that the Baja desert offers.

We arrive at the town of La Ventana, we leave for 4 hours on a tour between the east coast of Baja and the island of Cerralvo. at this point now from May to June the biggest Mobulas migration of the year is happening.

it is a snorkeling activity. The objective is to try to see the migration but we can find dolphins, whales, sharks and a great variety of pelagic on the way.

  • Maximum of People Per Tour: 6
  • Minimum of People: 3

Price Per Person:
$ 260 usd

(Includes round trip transportation, food, equipment, taxes, guide, water and snacks on board)
Arch tour
This activity lasts 45 minutes in which you will know the arch of the Bay of Cabo San Lucas and its surroundings, the colony of sea lions, pelican rock, Neptune's finger, see the beach of love and divorce, the last stone of the peninsula etc.

  • Maximum of People Per Tour: 6
  • Minimum of People: 3

Cost Per Person: $ 12 usd

(Includes taxes)
This experience is offered on our 31-foot panga type boat with 2 out-of-line motors.

It is planned to be 4 hours in the water in which you will be able to choose from the following activities, snorkeling in 4 different places, going down in some beaches, sailing to the deep blue to enjoy the pelagic life (manta rays, dolphins, whale, sea lions, etc).

We will try to make it possible. We will have water, sodas, snacks and a boxed lunch. for each of the passengers. (previously described with Nautilus Family staff)

Four hour half day charters for up to 8 passengers.

4 passengers price: $564 usd
Extra person: $120 usd
Additional time: $ 116 usd / hour

(The price includes boat rental, equipment rental, guide, snacks, water, sodas, boxed lunch and taxes)

Organized beach excursions Price to be determined based on custom requests.

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