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Dive training courses in Cabo San Lucas

Nautilus Dive Tech welcomes the world to our aquarium. The NDT staff of career dive professionals is here to share their knowledge and personal experience. We welcome divers of all certification levels. Our team will help find the courses that work for you! Backed with 20 years of experience in recreational, technical, and commercial diving, our team will guide your through a fun, safe, and exciting under water experience. Dive Education is the cornerstone of the SCUBA industry. With a solid foundation the limits are endless.

Nautilus Dive Tech Course Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE.
Course fees include tuition, print or digital training material, rental equipment, certification card, and IVA (16% federal tax).  Entry level programs also include logbooks and dive tables.  No Hidden Fees with NDT.

1 Day Activity Discover Scuba Diving (Done Right!) $174 usd

The Nautilus Dive Tech Discover Scuba Diving Program is an exceptional resort course opportunity. Our program includes a video presentation that discusses the basic diving principals, a brief academic session with an Instructor to confirm the client’s retention of the video material, a thorough pool training session in our 130,000 liter training pool, and two open water dives (maximum depth 40 feet/ 12 meters). The two dive package is essential for clients to receive a full appreciation of the marine environment. After the initial dive, the instructor will review what was experienced. This debriefing will likely make the second immersion even better. The introduction experience is the beginning of all future training. We want to invite you to join our underwater world.

2 Day Activity PADI Digital Open Water Diver Certification
(eLearning Online Course or PADI Open WaterTouch, prices now include ALL PADI fees)
$580 usd

PADI has developed two digital products for the PADI Open Water Diver Certification.  Both options help maximize your time on vacation.  The Classic Open Water Course requires about 4 days.  The digital courses allow the course to be completed in as little as 2 days.


The eLearning option allows students to complete their academic work online prior to arriving to Cabo.  It enables students to complete the academics on their time schedule from the comfort of their own home. This format is compatible with all operating systems.

The Open Water Touch Product enables students to download the PADI digital material to their IOS or Android based smart phone or tablet.  It is full of interactive features that bring the bookwork of SCUBA to life.  Additional PADI Touch products are also available.

Once you sign up for your eLearning or Open Water Diver Touch Program, Nautilus Dive Tech will email you an exclusive code and link that will give you access to the PADI digital product you chose.  Our staff will monitor your progress and we will be available for questions and supplemental information throughout your academics sessions. 

After you arrive to Cabo we will make a quick review of your academic progress and then move onto the confined and open water environments.

2 Day Activity Open Water Diver Referral Certification $290 usd

The Open Water Referral Certification is an excellent alternative for people who wish to start their training at home. The class and pool sessions may be completed at a local dive center prior to vacation. Once in Cabo, we start with a brief buoyancy check in our pool, followed by the four required training dives.

4 Day Activity Classic PADI Open Water Diver Certification $522 usd

Our Classic Open Water Diver Certification allows for students to complete their complete academic process with one of our professional instructors.

The process starts with the student diver manual.  This is available in printed material or a PDF file for download (eBook).  Students who choose to purchase their printed material from another dive center before coming on vacation will receive a $55.00 discount from the NDT pretax course price.

Ideally the manual will be completed prior to the first day of class. In class, you will view a 3 ½ hour video program. After the video, the instructor will review each chapter of the book, and add real life experience to the content of the course. He or she will help to prepare you for the final exam. Once the exam is complete, you will begin the pool and ocean training sessions.

6 Day Activity Open Water Diver PLUS Certification $835 usd

The Nautilus Dive Tech Open Water Plus Package expands a diver’s experience beyond the basics of the Classic Open Water Certification. Once the requirements of the Open Water Course have been met, we will focus on more advanced activities. The Plus Certification includes five dives dedicated to peak performance buoyancy, advanced navigation, deep diving, drift diving, and night diving. Each experience will provide you with additional skills that will promote safety and enjoyment. Upon completion of the Open Water Diver Plus Certification you will receive both Open Water and Advanced Open Water Certification Cards.

1 Day Activity PADI Nitrox (as an add on) $204 usd

Nitrox is becoming more and more common with divers around the world. It can be used to extend bottom time, reduce surface intervals, or just add a safety factor regarding DCI and Nitrogen Narcosis. The base class does not require actual dive time. It can be combined with other training dives (such as Open Water Dives or Advanced Open Water Dives). This course focuses on basic fundamentals of diving oxygen enriched air.

1 Day Activity ANDI Introduction to Rebreathers $290 usd

Over the last decade, rebreathers have become more and more prolific in recreational diving. The Nautilus Dive Tech Introduction Course provides students a pressure free environment to learn the basics of rebreather diving. It consists of class, pool, and ocean activities. By the end of the activity divers will understand basic rebreather function and have a good foundation further to research their preferred CCR.

1 Day Activity PADI Adventure Diver Certification Course $261 usd

The Adventure Diver Certification Course is the foundation of the Advanced Diver Certification Course. It is a good option when time does not permit to make the full Advanced Course. Students will complete three of the required five dives as well as their associated knowledge reviews.

1 Day Activity Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care $145 usd

Everyone can benefit from taking basic emergency first response training. It includes CPR and First Aid. This course is a prerequisite to the Rescue Diver or Dive master Certification Courses.

1 Day Activity PADI Oxygen Provider $116 usd

All dive related injuries are can be field treated with oxygen. This course familiarizes students with various oxy- gen equipment as well as train students to administer the oxygen in case of a diving emergency.

2 Day Activity PADI Advanced Open Water Certification Course (eLearning available) $406 usd

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course exposes divers to new environments and additional techniques that can improve diver’s fun and safety. The course consists of five dives. Students must complete a deep dive and an U/W navigation dive. You can choose from the list of elective dives to complete the last three. Your instructor can help counsel which dives will be most beneficial.

2 Day Activity ANDI Complete SafeAir User (rcomplex nitrox training) $430 usd

The complete nitrox program illustrates the benefits and potential hazards of diving oxygen enriched air. It is not a technical diving course, but it does include aspects of technical diving procedures. The course includes 12 hours of academics and two open water dives. Students will make use of a redundant breathing source (RBS/ pony bottle) and use up to 50% nitrox.

2-4 Day Activity PADI Specialty Diver Certification Programs $290 usd

Nautilus Dive Tech offers a range of Specialty of Diver Programs. These programs focus on specific objectives such as deep diving, U/W navigation, U/W Photography, U/W Videography, Search and Recovery, Wreck Diving, Drift Diving, Fish Identification, etc. Each course has a specific dive requirement. Call the dive center for details.

4 Day Activity PADI Rescue Diver Certification Course (eLearning available) $435 usd

The Rescue Diver Certification Course begins to move the student’s concentration from their needs, to the needs of other divers. We will cover self-rescue techniques as well as techniques that will be used to help divers in distress. Although this course can be physical, most divers report it is one of the most valuable courses they have taken. It includes class, pool, and ocean activities. Click here for elearning course

6 Day Activity ANDI Level 2 Rebreather Certification $1,740 usd

This comprehensive course is unit specific. It will train you to safely plan and perform recreational rebreather dives, as well as guide you through the techniques to safely prepare and maintain the CCR system. It includes two days of class and pool activities as well as eight open water dives.

1 Day Activity Introduction to Tec $232 usd

This one day activity allows recreational divers to discover the world of Tec Diving. You will have an opportunity to learn some basics about Tec Diving and try out a full set of technical diving gear including double tanks, wings, harness, and long hoses. This is a non-certification program similar to Discover Scuba.

4-5 Day Activity PADI TEC 40 $669 usd

This four to five day course is the gateway to technical diving. The course focusses on Tec Diver basics, and equipment configuration. Maximum depth range is 40 meters with 10 minutes of decompression. EANx 50% is the maximum percentage allowed. It does not require a full technical configuration. This is an excellent course for recreational divers who are planning to enroll in a Dive master program!

4-5 Day Activity ANDI Technical SafeAir Diver $812 usd

This four to five day course offers an alternative between PADI TEC 40 and PADI TEC 50. The maximum certification depth is 40 meters and it allows for 30 minutes of decompression time. This course certifies diver to use any oxygen enriched air mixture. Specific prerequisites apply.  

4-5 Day Activity ANDI Technical Trimix Diver $928 usd

This four to five day program offers an ANDI Technical SafeAir Diver to experience trimix diving. The maximum certification depth is 50 meters. Divers are allowed 45 minutes of decompression time. Specific prerequisites apply. 

4-5 Day Activity PADI TEC 45 $696 usd

This four to five day course is a natural continuation to the PADI TEC 40 program. Divers will learn new skills and hone their existing skills. This course requires a full technical configuration. Maximum depth is 45 meters with accelerated decompression using enriched air nitrox.

4-5 Day Activity PADI TEC 50 or ANDI Extended Range Diver $812 usd

This four to five day course is a natural continuation to the PADI TEC 45 Course or ANDI Technical SafeAir Diver program. Divers will learn new skills and hone their existing skills. This course requires a full technical configuration. Maximum depth is 50 meters with accelerated decompression using enriched air nitrox and/or oxygen.

4-5 Day Activity PADI TEC Trimix 65 or ANDI Intermediate Trimix Diver $928 usd

This is an intermediate level Trimix Course. It educates divers to the pros and cons of diving with mixed gases. Students can dive to a maximum depth of 65 meters/210 feet. Training dives will employ EANx and oxygen for accelerated decompression, and any trimix with an oxygen content of 18% or more.

4-5 Day Activity ANDI Technical Rebreather Certification (EANx) $1,160 usd

This course builds on the fundamental information in the recreational rebreather course. It teaches new skills and techniques that are required to safely dive CCR systems beyond recreational diving limits. Maximum depth is 50 meters/ 45 minutes of decompression. Diluent gas is air. We can use photos of the Nautilus or Hollis rebreathers here.

4-5 Day Activity ANDI Technical Trimix Rebreather Certification $1,160 usd

This course builds on the Technical Rebreather Diver Course Certification. It incorporates the use of trimix in the diluent cylinder. The reduction in Nitrogen Narcosis is advantageous with the associated task loading of rebreather diving.

5 Day Activity ANDI Trimix Diver $1,160 usd

The Advanced Trimix Diver course guides students to the limits of technical diving. Training dives may reach a maximum depth of 90 meters. You will make use hypoxic mixes containing less than 18% oxygen.

2 Day Activity Gas Blender Certification $232 usd

As EANx and Trimix Diving become more common, dive centers will require well trained staff members who are educated in gas blending principals and techniques. It is highly recommended that Dive master candidates complete the Gas Blender Certification.

2 Day Activity Scuba Technician Certification $232 usd

Although a basic level of equipment servicing is included in the Dive master program, most candidates benefit from a formal education in oxygen cleaning, equipment servicing, and maintenance procedures. . It is highly recommended that Dive master candidates complete the Gas Blender Certification.

14 Day Activity Dive master Certification (eLearning available) Call for pricing usd

The Dive master Certification is an entry level professional certification. As a Dive master you will be able to lead certified diver programs, as well as assist in Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water Certifications. This course is designed for a professional application. The focus is on care and control of student/ client divers. Nautilus Dive Tech can customize your Dive master class to include additional training courses as well as an intern- ship program.

21 Day Activity Instructor Development (eLearning available) Call for pricing

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