Come and See the Gentle Giants
on their Travels Through Baja!!

Tour Season

December 15th to April 15th

Nautilus Whale Watch
Nautilus Whale Watch is an extension of the Nautilus Dive Tech brand. Our Company continues to be dedicated to the sustainable observation of marine life. We are committed to implementing safe procedures while observing wildlife both above and below the waters' of Los Cabos. Our goal is to help create a lasting connection between humans and the nature that surrounds us.
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Our whale watching tours are professional, respectful, cautious, and humane regarding the treatment of our visiting whales. In accordance with the rules of SEMARNAT (Mexican Environmental Law), we maintain the distance, speed, and time of observation required to maintain the health of these gentle giants.
Our boat has two 4-stroke engines of 140 hp each. This type of motor reduces noise underwater, reducing stress to marine mammals. This type of motor also reduces the risk of pollutants entering the water
The tours are guided by our expert naturalists and dive masters. They are professional, bilingual, and extremely friendly. Our team's passion for the ocean and its preservation make the entire tour an educational adventure
We want to share our interest in promoting environmental responsibility with our customers. We want everyone to better understand how to protect the planet and of course…The whales! We are determined to maintain and preserve the natural resources of Cabo San Lucas.
Exciting and fun
Did you know that whales and humans have many things in common? Have fun with us watching, learning, and marveling at the extraordinary behavior of these mammals!
Our boat meets all safety requirements; life jackets and first-aid kit are onboard at all times; Nautilus Whale Watch personnel are first aid certified.
Comfortable-Our boat is covered and spacious. Groups and families are welcome.